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Small business accounting is our speciality.

Small Business Accounting

small business owner doing accounting with documents and tablet on table

Business Accounting Overview

You did not go into business to be an accountant, but you know you need an accounting system. How do you know which one is right for you and how do you set it up correctly?

Read about accounting system set-up services below.

General Ledger & Accounting System Set-up
Having accurate financial reports and being able to retrieve detailed information when needed is a key component to business success.  Selecting the proper accounting system and having it set-up correctly is key to allow you to retrieve accurate, and reliable information allowing you to make wise business decisions.  At ACT Financial Services, Inc., I realize that every business is unique in some way and therefore not every business accounting system can be set up the same and be effective to meet the owners and management needs.  

What ACT's Gainesville, GA business accountant will do:

She will meet with you and discuss the different aspects of your business: 

  • What are your main products or services? 

  • Will you have inventory? 

  • What are your main costs associated with your sales?

  • Will you have employees?

  • How will they be paid? 

We will discuss how you will want to track your business activities: 

  • How do you want to track your sales?

  • How will you be paid? 

  • What information do you want to see on your P&L?

  • What other reports will you want to generate? 

As your trusted Gainesville, GA CPA, after you've answered these and other key questions, she will be able to recommend an accounting system that is right for you. Once our accountants have the correct accounting system, she will complete the set-up and verify that it is working correctly. After the set-up and verification is complete, she will meet with you to install the accounting system on your computer system. But, she won't stop there. 

You will continue to receive hands on training from an experienced professional that will save you time and money by providing you with the know-how to get the most out of your new system.  ACT Financial Services, can also provide monthly and quarterly services, to ensure that your accounting system is being accurately maintained. 

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